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Still Making Your Diary Comics?

2024 | 24 pages + covers

Another cartoonist (not me) finds himself in a creative rut and, once again, turns to mining his own life for material. "Write about what you know", they say. What I know is alien babies.

Here's the first pages. The rest, for now, paper only. Buy it from the store.

Must Be a Happening

2022 | Two stories | 20 pages + covers

Nobody in town knows how that horse head got there. A stranded space explorer makes up his own one sided epistolary novel.

Here's the first pages for each story. The rest, for now, paper only. Buy it from the store.

Narraciones extraordinarias

2021 | Seven Songs

A collection of intensely calm music. Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal


2005 - 2021 | Condensed reality

500+ pages of real life, both possible and impossible. This one is spanish only (for now? a smart publisher could contact me to change this). Writing by Federico Reggiani.

The project ended up taking the form of five graphic novels (plus miscellania). There's the whole free digital edition you can download and read, but here's a sampler of pages from it all.

El orgullo de mamá

2010 - ???? | Your favorite party band

High energy and short shorts. With Agustín Spinetto. More active when we were young, but never fully dormant, not even today, who knows what will happen? Spotify, Youtube, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer.


1985 - ????

Fran López is a cartoonist and musician from Buenos Aires (Argentina), currently livingin in New York (USA).

He has drawn and published more pages than he'd like to remember, some of which were printed in different books and magazines.

This website does not present an exhaustive list of works, sorry.