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About me

Hi! I'm a freelance web developer and designer based in Seattle. I'm originally from Argentina and I just moved here about a year ago.

I've worked as a designer and developer for 10 years now, doing everything from designing packaging for soybeans to developing a workflow management system for a VFX studio.

In the past, I've worked full time as a developer for Rebelmouse and the University of Washington.

Most of my experience is in building websites (with PHP, HTML, CSS, WordPress or Drupal, etc) and javascript frontend using Angular, React and others. That being said, I'm a quick learner and I've also worked on various different projects involving Python, .NET, Java, C++, etc.

I also do comics and I have a hip-hop band. What else? I'm very fond of peanut butter. How about you?


Do you need a website? An interactive piece for a presentation? An app of some sort? Do you just happen to have a question about any of those things and you're not so sure you should contact me? You should!